To influence the Global Partnership + GoT to have the conviction and to use it to leverage the NPA-VACW to advance the care reform agenda.

INFLUENCE: Deliverable road map for reform

Milestone: Argument made that the family strenghtening focus in NPA should be better articulated as preventing the violation of children's safety in insitutions. [2018]

Milestone: GoT [which elements?] engaged as strategic partner in TAA. [2018/19]

Milestone: GoT instigates the development of a roadmap for care reform [2019]

Objective 2:

To mobilize care leavers, kinship councils, adoptive parents + foster carers together with child care practitioners, and TASWO in an alliance campaigning for care reform

CONVENE + MOBILIZE: Deliverable campaign for reform

Milestone: Identify and analyse the interests, power to influence of individuals in these groups [2018]

Milestone: Alliance is formed [2018]

Milestone: Alliance campaigns for care reform [2019 kick off]

Objective 3:

To understand the drivers of institutional care, careleavers' perceptions about the impacts of it, and the efficacy of interventions for DI in the TZ context.

EVIDENCE BASE + CAPACITY: Deliverable evidence of what works and why

Milestone: Study the drivers + impacts of institutional care in Tanzania; and generate a theory of how change will occur. [2018]

Milestone: Technical assistance [hand-holding] given by a TAA country to CCR, Arusha LGA + Social Welfare dept to pilot a DI process in the city and document learning. [when?]

Milestone: Tanzania's readiness for care reform identified in 2018

Milestone: Progress tracked between 2019 - 2021

Objective 4:

To prototype CCRs Connect service as a way to influence the Arusha city government to budget for family strengthening services

FUNDING: Deliverable community services for kids financed as a result of citizen demand

Milestone: To integrate the prevention of VAC + care reform agenda more intentionally into the design and delivery of CCRs Connect service in wards + districts. [2018]

Milestone: Proven community based models for community + family based child care documented from within the TAA for application in target wards as practical prevention interventions [2018 onwards]

Milestone: Deliver Connect across 6 wards a year in Arusha + via amplification partners elsewhere [2017 - 2021]