Speaking in defense of victims of violence

Dr. Kate McAlpine, director of the Arusha-based Community for Children Rights said that recent developments will further stigmatize victims of violence.

"It reflects an environment that is increasingly hostile towards human rights [abuse] victims and increasingly punitive towards young people. And it does not reflect the government's claimed efforts to be combating violence against children," she told Newsweek.

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The father and son musicians were sentenced to life in prison for raping 10 girls in 2003 aged between six and eight years. The president pardoned them during an Independence Day speech. 

Dr Kate McAlpine - the director of the Community for Children Rights speaks out.

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Read full article  here.

Read full article here.

Kate McAlpine, the director of Community for Children’s Rights in Tanzania, told the BBC she was “horrified but unsurprised” by Magufuli’s decision or the call to arrest pregnant schoolgirls.

“This story is indicative of a failure at the top level of political will to end violence against children,” she said. “Pregnant schoolgirls are pregnant because they are victims of violence. He has a blind spot when it comes to recognising children as victims. There seems to be a punitive attitude towards young children.”

She said the fact the two men were jailed in the first place was unusual in a country where most rape cases are resolved within families.

A petition calling for schoolgirls who are pregnant in Tanzania to be allowed to complete their education has attracted 66,000 signatures.


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